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Floating wine bottle holder from natural oak

Puupea Vuudi - Handcrafted Oak Interior Elements from Estonia

Discover the artistry of Puupea Vuudi, where oak interior elements are meticulously crafted in Estonia. All products are exclusively made from natural oak wood, showcasing the beauty of unedged wood.

Each piece is a testament to the unique characteristics of oak wood, featuring distinct patterns, knots, and the richness of oak bark.

These natural oak interior elements seamlessly complement both modern and traditional settings, making them suitable for contemporary developments as well as dignified log houses. Experience the timeless allure of Puupea Vuudi's handcrafted oak creations, bringing a touch of nature's elegance to your living spaces.

Measurements - 10cm x 20-23cm x 2,6cm (width x height x thickness).
Opening diameter 3,2cm.
NB! Suitable for classic wine bottles. This means that it is not suitable for champagne or sparkling wine bottles.

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